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Plato´s Allegory

The other day I read a rather interesting tale that discusses what would happen if the reality you once knew was not the reality you always thought it was. Plato´s Allegory is probably the precursor to the blockbuster hit movie, The Matrix.

As I reflect on the this, I realize that we indeed may be just sleep walking.  Or maybe not. Who actually know?

Here is the allegory,


T hree prisoners have been chained deep inside a cave for their whole life. They are chained so tightly that all they ever see or experience are the grotesque shadows cast on a wall from a fire that is burning behind them. This is the only reality they have ever known.

T hen one day, a prisoner is released. He is blinded by the light outside the cave and astonished to see a completely new reality of people, animals, and objects casting these shadows into the cave.

H e scurries back to tell the prisoners the news, but to his dismay, the prisoners do not believe his fantastic stories of the world outside of the cave. For the shadows on the wall are the only reality the prisoners have ever known, and therefore, to them, that is all that will ever exist.

Here is a great video