Day 1: Life Lessons

Well today starts the journey of discovery into the lessons of life. I thought of no better place to begin than with the father of my good friend that had originally come up with the idea, for this inquiry.

Here´s basically the transcript from our call.


Name: M.B.
Country: USA
Age: 73
Occupation: 50 Years As  A Consultant  in Sales and Promotional Products

Btang:  So M.B. Thank you for your time. What type of advice or wisdom would you have for someone to avoid making mistakes in their lives? Or things that you have learned or things that you would like to pass on?

M.B. : First of all, I´m just going to talk randomly, because that´s just how I am, don´t trust everyone you meet in life.

With the internet and information there´s so much to learn about people. That before going into any venture with anybody make sure they´re checked out thoroughly. I learned this, of course, the hard way.

And some of the things I have learned is that the only real way to make a living, is have a strong work ethic. That means not getting up at 9 or 10 in the morning and quitting work at 5.  As I have had salesmen say to me, ¨I write $1 million a year. ¨ And I know for a fact, they don´t , but I said you can´t write a $1 million a year going to work from 9 to 5.  The only way to do that, is too work hard, 7 days a week. When you´re young. This person never wrote more than a $250,000 because in the afternoons he was playing basketball.

So you can´t fool anybody, but yourself in thinking that there´s just  gold on the street and that it´s coming to you. You have to aggressively work, early to late, because you only have so many years of your life to do that. And now that I´m 73 I´m not working and I could sleep late, and do whatever I want. But I miss the camaraderie of all the people in the business world.

Because it´s very motivating to you and to me to keep my mind going and all that. And that´s important for anybody as I have told my son all the time, you have to get not only motivated but you have to join organizations and business groups to keep you fully informed of what´s going in the world in your business field. To always be the top in that area.

And also have a very very clean, reputation. Squeaky clean. As nobody can say anything bad about me, per se, because I know in my heart I´ve worked hard, and always looked out for my sales people, and the company, and not always did I look out for myself, but you have to remember that your life comes first. Especially family life, and make sure that as you get older and have children and all that, you have to spend time with them but yet aggressively work and know that if you´re working hard, you´ll be successful.

There is no-o secret to making money per se. It´s only hard work. Unless you´re married to somebody that has lots of money. So I don´t know if that´s anything that you´re looking for? I sure couldn´t put it into words, but I just speak from the heart. To me, it´s just work, work, work, I don´t care , because I tease my son all the time, I say, you can tell me how great business is, but the bottom line is, are you working the hours, to really do the business? Because if you´re not, sooner or later it´s going to catch up with you.

In conclusion, it was a great conversation and as always very illuminating. In short, always do your vetting and don´t always trust at first glance, do your homework. Work hard, a good work ethic and reputation, because there are no free lunches, success comes to those that go after it. Keep abreast of what´s going on in your field of expertise, and sharpen the saw. And that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation so make constant deposits into your trust account, whereby those around you have the full faith and trust that you say what you do and do what you say. And the importance of family and relationships and connections. All very important Life Lessons, thank you M.B.