An Incredible Story of Compassion

Last night, I was on the telephone speaking to a dear friend, its fair to say that  I was in a BMC mode (Bitch Moan Complain), luckily for me the  person at the other end was well prepared for my barrage of victimization stories and bemoaning. After I ceased my incessant whining, he shared something with me that immediately shifted my perspective and I literally felt my heart open up.  Here is the story, it was first originally used by the famous  Dr. Karl Menninger’s, it’s entitled,  The Human Mind: A group of fish are swimming around in a pond when they notice one fish lying on its side with its tail flapping, and they decide to get away as quickly as possible from the weird fish — never noticing that the reason for its behavior is that it has a hook in its mouth, and the fish was just doing the best it could.

When I heard this story it quickly occurred to me that we are all just doing the very best that we can.  I realized that the people that I had been blaming for the cause of my supposed grief where in fact simply just doing the best they could. The more I substituted this story with each of my so called victimizers I felt an enormous sense of empathy and compassion overwhelm me.

We are in fact all just doing the very best we can. And to love and just simply understand from a place of love and compassion, opens the doors of awakening toward human understanding that is for me so vitally important to co-existing on this planet.