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The Father of Parkour

Just recently I wast watching a great video by Elliot Hulse on Parkour. During the video one of the gentlemen talked about the origins of Parkour and how it originated fr9om The Natural Method. by Georges Hébert.  Hébert while in the marines visited many primitive cultures and noticed that the indigenous people were in excellent physical condition despite the all to common gym membership that we have become so accustomed to. He learned that the reason for the great physical shape and appearance was due to their so called natural  movements they did on a regular basis such as: running. jumping, throwing, carrying, etc. He later designed the courses that many military facilities use today also known as the the modern day obstacle courses.


As with all things in life what was new and hip yesterday is old today, and the obstacle course of the urban jungle have evolved into an even more modern day obstacle course which is what we all know as Parkour.

Check out this vintage video Parkour video